Thursday, February 28, 2013

Prison Into Hotel

Van der Valk Hotel The Judgment House in exotic Roermond, Netherlands, is an 1891 jailhouse converted into a hotel. Wish we could do that in U.S. But can't because we have the world's largest number of prisoners. 

Via inhabitat >

Portable Tourist Towers?

One of these portable tourist towers might work well as a quest house or a retreat, right?

Pix/txt at designboom>

Urban Campsite in Brooklyn

 Bivoac --- urban rooftop campsite. Architizer finalist.

Details on architizer>

Micro-Housing in the Big Apple

My new essay on --- "Roomers: Micro-Housing in the Big Apple." Could you live in 300 square feet? It's likely your children will have to.


Micro-Apts in Malls?

Providence RI Arcade (1828), first U.S. indoor shopping mall, will now sport micro-apartments. Will mega-malls and Tanger outlets follow suit? Some already have hotel rooms for exhausted shoppers.

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Swedish Slumming at the Homeless Hotel

Swedish Slumming--- you can book different outdoor sites at "the homeless hotel" website and experience homelessness for yourself. Money goes to charity. I don't know what to make of this. Is it condescending? 

Story & px at designboom>

Russian Opera House Uproar!

Russian Opera House Uproar! Dominique Perrault plan rejected --- cost overruns, did not conform to building codes, sour cream soil. Public demand demolition of Diamond Schmitt substitute as too ugly. Perrault is at top. Diamond below

Via ajarts>

Tokyo Office/Home

"BASE" --- your Tokyo home and office. Live above your work; ladders for stairs; hanging clothes instead of closet. Skylights. Yes!

Details at leibal>

Shipping Container Greenhouse

Urban shipping-container greenhouse. We love greenhouses and we love the proportions of shipping containers.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Desk Bed for Your Office

For 21st Century living spaces. For 21st Century work loads. Desk bed! Well, it's better than commuting.

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Budapest Bauhaus Villa for Rent

Not a Japanese neo-modern; too big! Instead it's Farkas Molnar's 1932 Bauhaus villa in Budapest for sale or rent.

From Barbara Armstrong (Facebook) to details/realtor>

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rudolph's Brutalist Icon Saved!

 Paul Rudolph's Brutalist Orange County Government Center saved!


Fujimoto's House N

"House N " by Sou Fujimoto who has designed the 2013 Serpentine Gallery Pavilion.

Txt & px at dezeen>

Fujimoto Serpentine Gallery Preview

Fujimoto Serpentine Gallery Pavilion preview....

Txt & pix at dezeen>

Fujimoto Tree House

Tree House? Fujimoto in the news because of Serpentine Pavilion commission. His "House NA" gives a new meaning to the term "tree house"...

Pix, txt, floorplans via dezeen>

Fujimoto to Design Serpentine Pavilion

Sou Fujimoto will design Serpentine Gallery Pavilion, London. Check out slide show of his past projects. Pix here is of "Final Wooden House."

Slideshow at dezeen>

Houselike House in Antwerp

"VMVK House," Antwerp. Another houselike house.

Px,txt, interiors at designboom>

Red Tree House in Lapland

Bright red tree-house in Swedish Lapland.

Pix, txt at gardenista>

Neo-Modern in Nantes

Neo-modern in Nantes, France. Artopia does not use the term minimal for neo-modern architecture. Ever. Besides, what is so minimal about this top-heavy delight?

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Icelandic Student Shelters

Check out these Icelandic shelters, by students. Image is of shelter that uses ice as an insulator...

More shelters at archinect>

House as Telescope

Telescoping the view, in Japan.

Details & pix at dezeen>

Proto Printed House

Printed books? Out. Printed houses? In. To some, Proto-House looks like a dinosaur head made of spaghetti. What does it look like to you?

More pix at dezeen>

Housie House

Houselike house in Humbeek.

Via sutilitas>

UK Meditation Hut

Meditation hut in U.K.         Like?

More pix at archdaily>

Big Sur Greenhouse House 1976!

Mickey Muenny's 1976 "Greenhouse" house, Big Sur. Some day soon the history of architecture will be re-written.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Studio in England

Searching for a studio, I came across "The Long Studio" --- zero carbon, solar-powered, in rural England. Too far from home, and not for rent. Otherwise quite inspiring, right?

More details at inhabitat>

Near the Fiscavig

"The Hen House" on the Isle of Skye with a view of the nearby fiscavig. Stark, lovely. Who needs greenery.

Txt & px at designboom>

Stable Studio in Portugal

April in Portugal! Stable converted into a chic retreat.

Txt & more pix at dezeen>

My New Studio --- If Only!

Envy! "Humble" artist's studio in Columbia. Not a house, a studio.

More pix, interior via designboom>

How To Build A Cow Shed

How to build a cow shed, collectively, in Ireland, out of local and salvaged material -- i.e. architecture is not just houses.

Story & pix of construction>

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finnish Cabin

My Finnish cabin. If only! Perfect to contemplate after Nemo snowstorm. Follow link for swanky interiors. 

For interiors go to remodelista>

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Floating School for Nigerian Coast

Floating school for flood-prone coast of Nigeria. Perhaps an entire city....

Via inhabitat>

New Zealand Upscale Bach

Upscale "bach" --- New Zealand beach house.

Via design-milk>

Back to the Bach or the Crib

Another New Zealand "bach" house --- vacation house. Bach = back, not Johann Sebastian Bach? No, short for bachelor.


From Bunks to Baches

Checking out bunk beds for my imaginary ski lodge led me to an old favorite: a portable "bach" (beach house) on sled-like runners in an erosion zone of New Zealand where all houses are required to be mobile. Shouldn't we do that on the Jersey Shore, on Mastic Beach in L.I. and other dangerous places?

Bunkbeds via remodelista:
Beach cabin>remodelista:

All-Black Houses

12 all-black houses via designmilk. If it isn't white, it has to be black! Japanese super-skinny "OH House" above is our favorite.

Design-milk survey>

French Bee Pavilion

French bee-pavilion, where the six-footed and the two-footed meet. Do you need to wear bee-keeper protective clothing to sit inside to listen to the soothing hum?

Via designboom>

Alpine Ski Chalet for Rent

Winter special. Swiss alpine retreat for rent. Had to pass this one up because of my Aspen rental. If only... I don't ski. I just like the retreats.

More pix via remodelista>

Wabi-Sabi Aspen Chalet

Architecture is also renovation. View from inside my wabi-sabi Aspen ski chalet. If only!

Px & txt via remodelista>

Swedish Tree-Top Hotel Room

Chic tree-top hotel room in Sweden. The charm of tree houses is that they can only last as long as the trees.

Txt & more pix via dezeen>

Many Mini-Huts in the Wilds of Scotland

How To Build A Hut. Scotsman builds many mini huts in the wild, using local materials.

Txt, pix and diagram via remodelista>

Pop-Up Spa Pod

Harm Rensink's inflatable Dutch pop-up urban spa pod to chase away the winter blahs. 

From inhatitat to dejoost for pix, txt & video>

Garden House for Two Writers

Japanese "Garden and House" for two writers is only 13 feet wide. Did I convert from meters correctly? A garden is the facade and a garden drops through it. 

Txt & pix at dezeen>

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Russian Portable Sleep Box

Need a nap? Russian mobile hotel-room called "Sleep Box" could be used in any indoor space. By the hour? Credit card access?

Story & pix at designboom>