Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Favorite Suspended Tent

New suspended "Singray" tent weighs 15 pounds and sleeps 3 to four, plus gear. No ground rot, crawlie-creepies, snakes or toads. In lieu of a guest room? A backyard retreat in the trees? 

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Room for Improvement

New development in Great Britain. Like the novel roof shapes and black stained larch and extra rooms for work-at-home. Dislike: four building types and four classes. And, no doubt, four prices. In Artopia all houses are the same price and have the same cubic space.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Swiss House of Straw

House of straw, in Switzerland. Yes, compressed straw.


German Living Space Sculpture

German "living space sculpture," Haus-E-17 bows to historic district houses but is also Neo-Modern. 795 sq ft footprint.

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Swiss Neo-Modern House

Neo-Modern country house from Translocal, Bern...

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Mexican Tube Hotel Opens

Tubehotel in Tepoztlan opens.

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New Australian Beach House!

My beach house in Australia. If only....

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