Monday, April 15, 2013

Mansion Made of Glass and Concrete Bricks

Breaking the Artopia rule --- if I had to have a mansion, this is the one! Glass and concrete blocks. Waterside. Unbelievable interiors.

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Privacy House

If privacy is the issue......One of "30 of the Most Ingenious Japanese Home Designs" on freshomes site I just found.

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House Made of Two House

"House Made of Two" has a separate house for guests and for showing movies. Love the dining room with a view of the garaged car! Want that for our burnt-orange Honda Fit Sport.

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Air House

"Air Hole House," in Shiga --- shape dictated by site (of course). Or is the house about the shadow of the tree?

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Polygons Are Forever

Polygons are forever. In Japan.

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Japanese Mini-Brutalist Neo-Modern

Seemed to have missed this Japanese neo-modern/neo-brutalist Tokyo house. 

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The Staircase That Ate The House

Behind the minimalist/neo-modern facade, the center of this Japanese house is a big staircase, that functions as....a room.

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