Monday, April 22, 2013


Another house with focus on the stairs. "Panorama House" in Korea. Staircase/bookcase. Stairs will keep you young...

See house and stairs vs elevators at treehugger>

Sound Proofing with Glass

Japanese house for listening to music, uses sound-proofing glass to keep out the noise but let in the light. Light from skylights pervades all the way to the basement level.

More images? Go right now to dezeen>

Chic House in Rice Field

Modest but chic house in Japanese rice field. It's curtains! Check out the interiors, windows....

Many more pictures at designboom>

Flight Attendant Dome Home

Retired flight attendant builds his own dome home in Thailand for $8000. 

Found on inhabitat, but go to his site for better pix>

The Internal Village

When a house is like a village --- brought inside.

More images? Go to designboom>

Wedge Tent Tubes

Monday, April 15, 2013