Monday, April 22, 2013


Another house with focus on the stairs. "Panorama House" in Korea. Staircase/bookcase. Stairs will keep you young...

See house and stairs vs elevators at treehugger>

Sound Proofing with Glass

Japanese house for listening to music, uses sound-proofing glass to keep out the noise but let in the light. Light from skylights pervades all the way to the basement level.

More images? Go right now to dezeen>

Chic House in Rice Field

Modest but chic house in Japanese rice field. It's curtains! Check out the interiors, windows....

Many more pictures at designboom>

Flight Attendant Dome Home

Retired flight attendant builds his own dome home in Thailand for $8000. 

Found on inhabitat, but go to his site for better pix>

The Internal Village

When a house is like a village --- brought inside.

More images? Go to designboom>

Wedge Tent Tubes

Monday, April 15, 2013

German Studio and House

But today in Germany we want this studio/house.

More pix go to freshome>

Mansion Made of Glass and Concrete Bricks

Breaking the Artopia rule --- if I had to have a mansion, this is the one! Glass and concrete blocks. Waterside. Unbelievable interiors.

Pix of interiors? Go to>

Privacy House

If privacy is the issue......One of "30 of the Most Ingenious Japanese Home Designs" on freshomes site I just found.

More pix? Text? Go to freshomes>

House Made of Two House

"House Made of Two" has a separate house for guests and for showing movies. Love the dining room with a view of the garaged car! Want that for our burnt-orange Honda Fit Sport.

More pix? Go to naf architect>

Air House

"Air Hole House," in Shiga --- shape dictated by site (of course). Or is the house about the shadow of the tree?

Details? Go to freshome>

Polygons Are Forever

Polygons are forever. In Japan.

More pix & interiors? Got to freshome>

Japanese Mini-Brutalist Neo-Modern

Seemed to have missed this Japanese neo-modern/neo-brutalist Tokyo house. 

More views and interiors? Go to>

The Staircase That Ate The House

Behind the minimalist/neo-modern facade, the center of this Japanese house is a big staircase, that functions as....a room.

Txt, slide show? Go to Domus>

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Twisted Japanese House

Another small, dramatic Japanese house on an odd lot.

From archdaily to architect>

Roof Reveals Light Sources of Small House

Roof of Japanese "Diamond House," with music room. Click on link for neo-minimal street view and interior.

Details via liebal>

Secrets of Small Japanese Houses

Secrets of "Small House" in Japan --- push everything to the side, built-ins, skylight...

Look inside at designboom>

Build to Suit the Plot!

603 square-foot, Kyoto house on "equilateral triangular site with a crescent hypotenuse..." If every square foot is precious, you must build to fit!

See inside at designboom here>

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Billboard Painter's Temporary House

Temporary house for billboard painter, Mexico City. Thank you, Jim Johnston!

Details and more pix go to treehugger>

Make The House Fit the Plot

This house outside Tokyo perfectly fits the oddly shaped plot and includes a parking spot. 

Look inside and at floorplans at designboom>

"Chinese Coin House" in Bolivia. Please mow the roof!

For more pix go to inhabitat>

Small Black and White Japanese House

Neo-modern Japanese house sandwiched between pre-fab and traditional houses. Black is for bedroom and studio; white is for more public areas. Car not included.

Step inside at design-milk>

How To Design A House

How to design a 1184 sq ft house for a retired Japanese couple..."A look falls out..." "A rest is taken on a comfortably warm veranda." Etc. 

Pix and more floor plans at designboom>

A Forest for a Moon Dazzler

Catching up --- Benjamin Garcia Saxe's "A Forest for a Moon Dazzler" (2010) built this house for his mother, based on a house she had built for herself "out of tree trunks, mosquito nets and tin" with a view of the moon. 

Pix and details at archdaily>

Costa Rican Container House

Catching up --- Benjamin Garcia Saxe's lovely container house in Costa Rica. Can a shipping container house be lovely? Yes!

Details can be found at archdaily>

Very Small Elegant Norwegian House

Low-cost, 258 sq.ft. "Casa Kolonihagen" by Tommie Wilhelmsen, Norway.

Details at goodhomedesign>

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mirrorized Alpine Capsule

Was Ross Lovegrove's mirrorized 2008 Alpine Capsule every built? 

Via dezeen survey of mirrored buildings>

Chic South African Tree House

Catching up -- 1999 Tree House in South Africa. 

Via inhabitat to>

Dutch Black House With Anthracite Tiles

Viewed from rear garden, anthracite-tiled Dutch house is not as stark as from other views. File this under Black Houses on my Pinterest board.

For more pix & floorplans go to designboom>

Small Japanese Cube House

Japanese cube house. Look inside. Central staircases form a multiple-use "room" that also functions as a wind tunnel. 

More pix go to designboom>

Meandering Japanese House

Not all new Japanese houses are white...or in the city. Meandering house next to parking lot; the meandering is functional. Look inside for the nooks!

Go to designboom here>