Monday, April 22, 2013


Another house with focus on the stairs. "Panorama House" in Korea. Staircase/bookcase. Stairs will keep you young...

See house and stairs vs elevators at treehugger>

Sound Proofing with Glass

Japanese house for listening to music, uses sound-proofing glass to keep out the noise but let in the light. Light from skylights pervades all the way to the basement level.

More images? Go right now to dezeen>

Chic House in Rice Field

Modest but chic house in Japanese rice field. It's curtains! Check out the interiors, windows....

Many more pictures at designboom>

Flight Attendant Dome Home

Retired flight attendant builds his own dome home in Thailand for $8000. 

Found on inhabitat, but go to his site for better pix>

The Internal Village

When a house is like a village --- brought inside.

More images? Go to designboom>

Wedge Tent Tubes

Monday, April 15, 2013

German Studio and House

But today in Germany we want this studio/house.

More pix go to freshome>

Mansion Made of Glass and Concrete Bricks

Breaking the Artopia rule --- if I had to have a mansion, this is the one! Glass and concrete blocks. Waterside. Unbelievable interiors.

Pix of interiors? Go to>

Privacy House

If privacy is the issue......One of "30 of the Most Ingenious Japanese Home Designs" on freshomes site I just found.

More pix? Text? Go to freshomes>

House Made of Two House

"House Made of Two" has a separate house for guests and for showing movies. Love the dining room with a view of the garaged car! Want that for our burnt-orange Honda Fit Sport.

More pix? Go to naf architect>

Air House

"Air Hole House," in Shiga --- shape dictated by site (of course). Or is the house about the shadow of the tree?

Details? Go to freshome>

Polygons Are Forever

Polygons are forever. In Japan.

More pix & interiors? Got to freshome>

Japanese Mini-Brutalist Neo-Modern

Seemed to have missed this Japanese neo-modern/neo-brutalist Tokyo house. 

More views and interiors? Go to>

The Staircase That Ate The House

Behind the minimalist/neo-modern facade, the center of this Japanese house is a big staircase, that functions as....a room.

Txt, slide show? Go to Domus>

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Twisted Japanese House

Another small, dramatic Japanese house on an odd lot.

From archdaily to architect>

Roof Reveals Light Sources of Small House

Roof of Japanese "Diamond House," with music room. Click on link for neo-minimal street view and interior.

Details via liebal>

Secrets of Small Japanese Houses

Secrets of "Small House" in Japan --- push everything to the side, built-ins, skylight...

Look inside at designboom>

Build to Suit the Plot!

603 square-foot, Kyoto house on "equilateral triangular site with a crescent hypotenuse..." If every square foot is precious, you must build to fit!

See inside at designboom here>

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Billboard Painter's Temporary House

Temporary house for billboard painter, Mexico City. Thank you, Jim Johnston!

Details and more pix go to treehugger>

Make The House Fit the Plot

This house outside Tokyo perfectly fits the oddly shaped plot and includes a parking spot. 

Look inside and at floorplans at designboom>

"Chinese Coin House" in Bolivia. Please mow the roof!

For more pix go to inhabitat>

Small Black and White Japanese House

Neo-modern Japanese house sandwiched between pre-fab and traditional houses. Black is for bedroom and studio; white is for more public areas. Car not included.

Step inside at design-milk>

How To Design A House

How to design a 1184 sq ft house for a retired Japanese couple..."A look falls out..." "A rest is taken on a comfortably warm veranda." Etc. 

Pix and more floor plans at designboom>

A Forest for a Moon Dazzler

Catching up --- Benjamin Garcia Saxe's "A Forest for a Moon Dazzler" (2010) built this house for his mother, based on a house she had built for herself "out of tree trunks, mosquito nets and tin" with a view of the moon. 

Pix and details at archdaily>

Costa Rican Container House

Catching up --- Benjamin Garcia Saxe's lovely container house in Costa Rica. Can a shipping container house be lovely? Yes!

Details can be found at archdaily>

Very Small Elegant Norwegian House

Low-cost, 258 sq.ft. "Casa Kolonihagen" by Tommie Wilhelmsen, Norway.

Details at goodhomedesign>

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mirrorized Alpine Capsule

Was Ross Lovegrove's mirrorized 2008 Alpine Capsule every built? 

Via dezeen survey of mirrored buildings>

Chic South African Tree House

Catching up -- 1999 Tree House in South Africa. 

Via inhabitat to>

Dutch Black House With Anthracite Tiles

Viewed from rear garden, anthracite-tiled Dutch house is not as stark as from other views. File this under Black Houses on my Pinterest board.

For more pix & floorplans go to designboom>

Small Japanese Cube House

Japanese cube house. Look inside. Central staircases form a multiple-use "room" that also functions as a wind tunnel. 

More pix go to designboom>

Meandering Japanese House

Not all new Japanese houses are white...or in the city. Meandering house next to parking lot; the meandering is functional. Look inside for the nooks!

Go to designboom here>

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Portable Polyhedron Habitat

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Reinvention of the Row House, in Texas

Can the row house be reinvented? In Texas, each one is a slightly different shade of white. Remodelista, the Island of White, emphasizes a designer's interiors. In the next batch, each house should be a different color, other than white.

Details via remodelista>

Inward House with Palm

The joys of an inward-looking house. Rooms are separate structures joined by bridges, stairs. And there's a palm tree.

Txt, plans, more pix via designboom>

Toyo Ito Awarded Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize goes to Toyo Ito, but I bet not for this 2011, 624 sq. ft. house. His big public buildings are....not Artopian.

Via nhi-shis-org>

Spaceship House in New Thai Film

Thai villagers build a spaceship in new Apichatpong 
Weerasethakul film.

Japanese Dancing Living House

Japanese "Dancing Living House." Includes dance studio and parking. What else would you need?

via cubeme>

Broken Angel Doomed?

Last days of Brooklyn's "Broken Angel?"

More pix and story via hyperallergic>

Panda Micro-House

And those Japanese micro-houses just keep on popping up. This one is from Panda.

Txt, pix, floorplan via archdaily>

Fly's Eye Restoration

Buckminster Fuller "Fly's Eye" dome house to be restored.

Story via archdaily>
Some past posts>

Flip This House!

How to flip your townhouse. S.F "Flip House" reoriented to the rear.

Pix & txt at design-milk>
Some previous posts>

Japanese House of Framed Views

Japanese "Skyward House." Check out the interiors and floorplans. Simple outside masks orientation to framed views and actual interior shape, generated from views.

See interiors and floorplan on designboom>

Wildflower Roof

  Japanese weekend house with wildflowers on the roof. 

  Txt & pix, go to gardenista>