Thursday, January 31, 2013

Narrow But Elegant

Elegant house on a narrow lot in Portugal.

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Cutting Edge House in Spain

Stark concrete house in Spain. More neo-brutalism?

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4 Small Houses in a Mexican Garden

 4 small-footprint houses in a Mexican garden. Project: compare footprint, area, and cubic feet. As usual not enough information. But they look good!

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Not Your Ordinary Tree House

Three swaying wooden sphere accommodations, up in the trees in Vancouver. Best of the tree houses in NYT T Magazine. 


All You Need Is a Lot of Ma

Japanese "Coupled House" demonstrates the use of "ma" = empty space. 

Interiors and floor plan via designboom>

Concrete Summer House in Argentina

Concrete summer house in Argentina. 1000 sq ft.

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Save the FBI Building

Save the Brutalist FBI building in DC! Perfect for its time and site; still an effective image for FBI. Push the FBI into the suburbs and into invisibility? For architectural madness, see Wikepedia entry below....But where is the Times architecture critic?

NYT Real Estate>

Elegant Swiss Agrcultural Shed

 Expressive and elegant agricultural shed in Switzerland. Uses local typologies and topology, plus local materials.

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World's Most Elegant Oyster Shack

Is this the "world's most elegant oyster shack" as claimed by Remodelista? Yes. It is on the coast of Brittany.

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Tree House Is Not What You Think

Concrete "tree" (main structural support) imitates real tree growing through house....

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Tent Tenements Can be Elegant

Modular Tent "Tenements." Better to call them tentacles or tent villages or tent colonies.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Japanese TARDIS House for Family of Five

Another TARDIS house from Shinozaki. Inside is definitely bigger than outside....."House for a Family of Five." Dr. Who's telephone booth TARDIS is bigger inside then outside, really bigger. 

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TARDIS House for Japanese Couple

More from Shinozaki --- "House T for a Couple," Tokyo. Built, I think on what the Japanese call a flagpole site: alley frontage leads to "flag" for house. Again the interiors are spectacular... House is also a studio. 

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Narrow House for Violinist

More from Shinozaki --- "House F for Violinist." Compression! But note the lovely arch entrance on ground floor. 


It's All in The Angles!

H House in Chiba uses angles and beams inside and out as a plus...

Via Leibal > Shinozaki Associates>

Studio and House in Apple Orchard

Small footprint house and studio for a musician, in an apple orchard in New Zealand. Need an apple? Just reach out, to the strains of William Tell.

Txt, pix, & floorplans via designboom>

Off-Grid Cabin in Maine

On an island off the coast of Maine, sustainable, off-grid cabin --- 30 years in the making.

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Neo-Brutalist House in Ecuador

Multi-use, Neo-Brutalist (?), concrete and glass living space in Ecuador...

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Earthquake Housing Prototype

Prototype of Japanese "Gathering House" for earthquake homeless completed. The practical can be spectacular. Note: Image is of completed house. Follow link to see interior. 

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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Portable Shipping-Container Hotel!

Portable, shipping-container hotel. Moving to a view near you!

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Clever Log Cabin With Concealed Windows

Check out this hide-out!  Where are the windows? 

Beautiful Chilean Guest House With Tile Wall

1000 sq ft guest house in Chile features tile wall. Let's sell the main house and live in the guest house!

From designmilk to trendir>

Lopsided Argentine House With Party Wall

Argentine house called lopsided by some, but not by us. Seems cleverly done, to gain light, avoid nosy and noisy neighbors, and encompasses a party wall too. A party wall is a sound barrier between abutting buildings. 

Pix, text and floor plans from dezeen>

What Is Wrong With This Beautiful Spanish House

What is wrong with this new Spanish house? Too big! Takes up too much land. Separated rooms use more materials than ordinary house would require. But....I like it anyway. You never hear anyone in the next room; there is no next door room! No head-knocking, floorboard-kicking, stiletto/boot heel stomping sounds. A house made up of cabins.

See more pix and floorplan at designboom>

Emergency Architecture You Hope You Never Have to Use

Some architecture is architecture you hope you never have to use....Emergency Architecture.

Pix & txt via archdaily>

Dennis Maher: Architectural Repair

NYT Home & Garden piece on Dennis Maher (whose show "House of Collective Repair" opens Saturday at the Albright-Knox, Buffalo) stays at home (in its own territory). If you really want to see his art follow links below to Albright-Knox, but above all his own website.



Japanese Tardis House: Bigger Inside Than Outside

Another Japanese TARDIS house where the inside is bigger than the outside. TARDIS is Dr. Who's telephone booth time machine, which is the only thing interesting about the Brit TV kiddie/pop/si-fi series. 

pix ext via designboom>

Canadian Bunkie Cabin Knock-Out

"Bunkie Sleeping Cabin" (Canada). Canadian architecture is not all devoted to the eternal '70s. I stand corrected. 

Great design>

New Japanese Hat House

Japanese "Hat House" for small plot, ungainly on the outside but follow the link below and check out the interiors! 

story & pix via designboom>

The House Detective: Edinburgh Cube House

ARTOPIATECTURE APPROVED! Mike Page's Edinburgh Cube Project. Ten cubic feet; 6.5 ft headroom; clever stairs; big bed; solar panels earn money in U.K. Go to site for video tour and interactive panorama.


The House Detective: Is Small All Over?

Three stories in NYT House & Garden Section about small housing. Does this mean it's [AMBIGUOUS] all over? Tiny is so cute and coy. Stop using it. Rational housing is not upscale downsized-housing or folk art. 


Image is of "Cowboy" which can be ordered as small as 650 sq ft from form&forest>

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

The House Detective: NYC Micro-Apt Winner!

Mayor Bloomberg announces My Micro NY is winner of quest for new micro-apts.

Pix etc via businessinsider>

The House Detective: chic Modular Home

A bicycle rack-inspired modular home, this beauty comes flat-packed in a 4-by-10-by-3 foot box.


The House Detective: Stitched Plywood Shelter

Chilled to the bone? Seek this temporary shelter in Copenhagen; made of stitched plywood, with central hearth. 

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

House of Glass

13-ton, optical-glass wall of Japanese house protects and projects an urban garden.

Story & pix via designboom>

Poet Findlay's Goose Hut

"Goose Hut" by poet Ian Hamilton Findlay restored in Scotland. It's made of heather and wood.

Story and pix of garden via gardenista>

Mouse House Gene?

Mouse house-building DNA discovered, says New York Times. We need to know if humans have a similar gene.

Story via NYT>


Residential Architecture predicts more family cluster-housing. Self-sustaining communities. Lock those gates! Pull up that drawbridge! On the other hand, ARTOPIATECTURE predicts pads, pods, cabins, retreats, and new mobile, prefab and floating homes. Small is the new luxurious. Temporary is the new eternal.

Residential Architecture>

Ceiling Shots of NYC Mini-Rooms

ARTIOPIAPROBE: How do people actually live in mini-apartments? Menno Aden's "Room Portraits" snoop it out, from above. 

Menno Arden>
Story at inhabitat>

Printed Mobius House

Dutch, mobius "Landscape House" to be 3-d printed in strips... What next? Certainly a surfboard. Maybe a car.

More info via dezeen>

Japanese Sliding Door House

Japanese sliding-door house at the edge of a sweet-potato field.

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Experimental Cold-Climate Japanese House

Japanese experimental, translucent, cold-climate house. Glowing wayfinder at night, cozy all the time (I hope). 

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