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Portable Polyhedron Habitat

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Monday, March 25, 2013

The Reinvention of the Row House, in Texas

Can the row house be reinvented? In Texas, each one is a slightly different shade of white. Remodelista, the Island of White, emphasizes a designer's interiors. In the next batch, each house should be a different color, other than white.

Details via remodelista>

Inward House with Palm

The joys of an inward-looking house. Rooms are separate structures joined by bridges, stairs. And there's a palm tree.

Txt, plans, more pix via designboom>

Toyo Ito Awarded Pritzker Prize

Pritzker Prize goes to Toyo Ito, but I bet not for this 2011, 624 sq. ft. house. His big public buildings are....not Artopian.

Via nhi-shis-org>

Spaceship House in New Thai Film

Thai villagers build a spaceship in new Apichatpong 
Weerasethakul film.

Japanese Dancing Living House

Japanese "Dancing Living House." Includes dance studio and parking. What else would you need?

via cubeme>

Broken Angel Doomed?

Last days of Brooklyn's "Broken Angel?"

More pix and story via hyperallergic>

Panda Micro-House

And those Japanese micro-houses just keep on popping up. This one is from Panda.

Txt, pix, floorplan via archdaily>

Fly's Eye Restoration

Buckminster Fuller "Fly's Eye" dome house to be restored.

Story via archdaily>
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Flip This House!

How to flip your townhouse. S.F "Flip House" reoriented to the rear.

Pix & txt at design-milk>
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Japanese House of Framed Views

Japanese "Skyward House." Check out the interiors and floorplans. Simple outside masks orientation to framed views and actual interior shape, generated from views.

See interiors and floorplan on designboom>

Wildflower Roof

  Japanese weekend house with wildflowers on the roof. 

  Txt & pix, go to gardenista>

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Shipping Container Tea House

Shipping container tea house....or pavilion....or garage....

Txt & pix, go to designboom>

Minimal House with Gorgeous Interiors

Wrapped in silence, sealed-off from sound. Japanese house deals with site by elegant withdrawal. Follow link to see gorgeous interiors...

Story, pix, interiors via domusweb>
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Beautiful Wooden Swedish Barn-Style House

Built-to-order Swedish-barn houses. Pine!

More info on designboom>
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Cabin in the Middle of Drina River

Although usually serene, I confess I sometimes feel like this mid-river cabin made by school boys on the river Drina in Serbia in 1968. Go to link and check out video on intro page!

Via inhabitat>

Sand Rug Resort

Trending towards interiors today. How about this Portugese resort made up of buildings with sand floors? 

More px at design-milk>

Penthouse With Four-Story Slide

This is NOT a NY mini-apt. Downtown penthouse with four-story, stainless steel slide. 

More pix at dezeen>

Green Bathroom with Greenery

"Green" bathroom proposed in Japan. One of the sponsors is TOTO, Japanese sanitary porcelain company. Have bathroom; need gardener.

More info at designboom>

Walking House

Every Roof A Garden

Monday, March 4, 2013

Visualizations Trump Drawings!

At last an answer to conservative Michael Graves in the NYT who prefers drawings to visualizations. Visualizations! In praise of the Unbuilt!

"Balloons and Render Ghosts" at domus>
On the dark side>

Ank Artist's Studio

Always looking for ideas for a studio, I found this studio by Stijin Ank. No rooms! Actually, Ank contacted me.

Px & txt via domus>

Dutch Dock Recreational House

Recreational house on a dock on an island in The Netherlands with a view from each end. 

Px & txt via designboom>

Absalon Pods in Tel Aviv

Absalon (1965-1983) exhibit opens at Tel Aviv Museum of Art --- visionary, all-white habitation cells in dialogue with the white city of Tel Aviv.

Via artdaily>

Nigerian Floating School

Prelude to a floating city of 250,000!This floating school in Nigeria is made with locally-sourced wood and is eqipped with solar panels!

Dutch Pirate Station Restaurant

Dutch restaurant and office on site of pirate radio station. Looks like the future to me. Next: make these buildings walk.

Px & txt>

Dutch Self-Sustaining House

Dutch proposal for an amazing self-sustaining house. Look inside!

Px, txt via designboom>

British Window Rules!

Too many building regulations? Example: British windows rule results in too many poky windows and Juliet balconies: "...all windows must be cleanable from within, by women aged 64–75, without the use of ladders or cleaning devices and without stretching." 

Article at>

Japanese Tree House

Japanese Garden Tree House. Who needs sculpture?

Found on archdaily. Slideshow>

Cube House

"Cube House" in Japan. Artopia collects cubes. 

Details at thisispaper>

House in Brittany

After seeing this house, I finally want to visit Brittany, the origin of the Perreaults.

More px & info at archdaily>

Small in a Big Way in L.A.

"BIG & small House" in L.A. --- Volume exceeds square footage in two story, three-room house. Yes!

Px, txt, plns at dezeen>

Friday, March 1, 2013

Fibonacci Japanese Neo-Modern

 Japanese neo-modern "Northern Nautilus" based on Fibonacci spiral. Small and gorgeous, inside and out.

Txt, px at dezeen >


Fresh from subtilitas on tumblr this renovated cottage by Proarh, Zagreb. Neo-modern thatched! 

More images>

Invisible Land Is Hot Air

Hot Air. In NYC developers can buy, transfer, and build on "invisible land" i.e air rights. For more square feet and, above all, to own and sell a view.


How Big is Too Big?

Is 925 square feet too big? Canadian house looks much bigger than it really is. And it is self-sufficient.

Details at dezeen>